Today we offer one of the most affordable rehearsal spaces in the country. As well as that we operate “Bonafide”, which means we let you inn, lock the doors and you and your band can practice without the fear of anyone hearing you perfecting your sound. Included within the rehearsal space is a full backline and a vocal PA system. Brands included, Ampeg, Marshall, VOX & Sennheiser, Shure.

The Lockup Rehearsal Space

Rehearsal Broadcast Studio

The Rehearsal Broadcast studio creates world class digital content.  The Artists can focus on their song writing and performance. Whilst the in-house audio visual production team captures the Artists creative journey.

Our philosophy in the studio is to encourage the performer to focus on their performance, we will take care of the curation, post production, pre production and the digital release.

This allows the artist to begin capturing their performance full of energy and to translate that energy into the finished production.

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