Recording Studio Gearlist:

Computer, Mixing Desk, Recording Interfaces, A/D D/A Converters and Preamps:


Apple MacBookPro – i7 4870HQ 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD
Allen&Heath QU-24 mixing desk
Apogee Duet x2
RME Digiface USB
RME Fireface 800
Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56
Behringer ADA8200 Ultragain


We can record simultaneously up to 36 analogue inputs and 42 analogue outputs – 36/42 (2/4 2/4 32/34)
24 AnalogiQ preamps
4 Apogee preamps (with ESS Sabre32 converters) Texas Instruments TI PGA2500
4 RME OctaMic preamps (with ADI-8 converters)
2 Focusrite Liquid Channel preamps (with Cirrus Logic CS4272 converters)
6 Focusrite Saffire preamps (with Cirrus Logic CS4272 converters)
8 MIDAS preamps




Aston Spirit large diaphragm condenser
Oktava MK 220 large diaphragm condenser
Oktava MK 012 x2 small diaphragm condenser stereo pair
AKG C1000S small diaphragm condenser
AKG D112
Shure SM57 x2
Shure SM58 x4
Sennheiser e825
EV Drumkit set


Guitar and Bass Amps:


Orange Tiny Terror combo with 12” Voice of the World speaker
VHT Special 6 combo modded with Groove Tubes EL84 tubes and Celestion Vintage 30 speaker





Vintage 1960’s Premier Recording Drumkit
Pearl Export Drumkit
Natal 13×6.5 Brass Snare Drum




Vintage 1977 Fender Stratocaster with Fender Pure Vintage 65’ neck, middle and Seymour Duncan Little 59’ bridge pickups
Fender Stratocaster with Seymour Duncan Five-Two neck, Twangbanger middle and JB JR bridge pickups
Gretsch G5445T Double Jet with Filter’Tron Black Top Pickups
Tanglewood Jumbo Acoustic
Tanglewood Dreadnought Acoustic
HB12 Twelve String Acoustic

Recording Studio Equipment