Who We Are

What began as a simple equipment lockup has grown into an establishment of the creative landscape in Ireland. Encompassing rehearsal space, recording studio and record label*.

The Lockup strives to be the most comprehensive service on the Irish music scene. 2020 has seen the development of the record label, e-commerce site and an array of artist management services. The Lockup has an in-house production team that can create professional Audio Visual content.

Together the Lockup team can provide a complete tailored music industry package, specializing in music and video production as well as artist and event management the Lockup contributes to the Irish music and operates between its staff and its clients as both a supportive community and progressive business.

Recording Studio Equipment


Today we offer one of the most affordable rehearsal spaces in the country. As well as that we operate “Bonafide”, which means we let you inn, lock the doors and you and your band can practice without the fear of anyone hearing you perfecting your sound. Included within the rehearsal space is a full backline and a vocal PA system. Brands included, Ampeg, Marshall, VOX & Sennheiser, Shure.

The Lockup Rehearsal Space


The Lockup Studio utilises a specialised range of recording equipment from leading industry brands including Allen&Heath, Apogee, RME, Focusrite, Aston, Oktava, AKG, Sennheiser and Shure that allows us to capture your performance with extreme focus and clarity.

Our philosophy in the studio is to get the sound perfect before tracking allowing us to be fully focused on performances during recording to provide maximum efficiency and value.

To help achieve this we offer as part of our recording packages pre-production and a full setup, drum mixing, amp mixing and headphone mixes the evening before the first day of tracking. This allows the artist to begin capturing their performance full of energy and to translate that energy into the finished production.

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The Lockup Record Label is a comprehensive music industry agency consisting of a rehearsal facility, recording studio, artist management, digital marketing and e-commerce divisions. We are dedicated to finding and developing the forefront of Irish talent, representing artists that write dynamic and creative songs and have a performance ability that commands the audience’s attention.

We are here to support, advise and promote. With a strong emphasis on guiding our talent to achieve perfection in both production and performance, we are set to fully take advantage of the exploding digital music marketplace.

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